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What we offer

Venture capital generally provides financing for companies that are very small and are just at the first stage of their existence, but which also have great potential to grow and expand. Venture capital funds provide companies with valuable experience and knowledge, business contacts, strategic advisory services and the value of their brand. We offer more than just a financial investment. We participate actively in the development of your firm, we act as an advisor in key situations and we help the firm to achieve its maximum development potential. Our support includes:

  • pre-start-up (seed) capital, start-up capital and expansion capital
  • financial support for projects in combination with a "hands-on" approach, in which we personally act as partners in the further development of the project
  • venture capital in various forms (participation in equity, debt and equity financing)
  • a personal approach, mentoring, coaching
  • creation of development strategies, preparation of the company for the entry of a strategic investor

Our partners