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EN Investičná stratégia



Investment strategy

Seed companies – support for the implementation of a business idea, when an entrepreneur does not yet have a company, financial plan, management or revenues. We are able to provide capital for such companies that will cover personal costs, product development and the preparation of a business plan.

Start-up and spin-off companies - the business idea is already at a certain stage of development; it has several clients and undeveloped management. We offer entry into the company through the acquisition of a minority or majority shareholding, capital to cover costs connected with bringing the product to market, the development of the company management and the further development of the company. The extent of the equity holding will determine the level of participation of the fund's representatives in the company management.

Company expansion - a company that has already been in business for some time, has well-established commercial relations and needs financing for their expansion and/or improvements in the management and running of the company. We do not interfere in the day-to-day management of the company but concentrate on strategic development.

The Innovations and Technologies Fund will invest in the company in the following form:

  • if the fund's involvement is purely an investment, its standard requirement is a share of 10% to 20%;
  • if the fund will invest and provide economic and marketing services, its standard requirement is a share of 20% to 35%;
  • if the fund will invest and provide economic, marketing and management services, its standard requirement is a share of 35% to 50%.

We offer investments from EUR 20,000 - Every investment is subject to assessment of the investment plan for feasibility, market potential and competitive advantage but the overall conditions and length of the investment process depend on the amount and structure of the required investment. As a rule, the larger the investment, the greater the requirements for quality and involvement in the project.


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