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Who we are looking for?

If you are person with an entrepreneurial spirit and you have an idea with the potential to change something in the world, write to us. We are looking for people with ideas, creative people, researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs at various stages of implementing their business plans. We are interested in young firms that have begun to develop the material form of their products or services and are planning to bring it to market.

We mainly support projects that offer new solutions to current problems or that seek to improve something that already exists, which also offer promising investment opportunities.

The areas that we are most interested in are the environment, renewable energy sources, industrial innovations, e-commerce, information technologies, telecommunications, life-improving technologies or software solutions. However, we also welcome projects from researchers, scientists and students in any area.

We are not looking to take over your firm. What we are interested in is helping you to go from an idea to a successful, working company.


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