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EN Priebeh investičného procesu



Stages in the investment process

Basic information on the project:

Initial contact – you send us a brief description of your idea and plan. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Assessment of the plan – if your idea or business plan interests us, we will request further information. We will also conclude a confidentiality agreement which guarantees that any information we exchange will not be provided to third parties.

Initial discussions – meeting with representatives of the investment manager for a more detailed analysis of the proposed project, presentation of the entrepreneur's financial requirements and the options for the fund.

Before the investment

Elaboration and assessment of the business plan – after the initial discussion, the partner and the fund's investment manager will elaborate a business plan including an evaluation of the opportunities and risks relating to the project.

Negotiations on alternative forms of support for the project – the investment manager will propose the structure of the investment with reference to the needs of the entrepreneur and the fund's requirements. In some cases, projects may involve more than one investor.

Due diligence and negotiation of the contract – after agreement is reached on the investment, the investment manager will carry out a full analysis and audit of the company and all information relating to the project, while negotiations take place on the details of the investment contract.

Approval by the investment committee – during preparation of the investment, the investment manager will inform the fund's investment committee of the progress of negotiations and, after agreement of the conditions of investment, will submit the whole transaction and its conditions for approval by the investment committee.

Conclusion of transaction – the partners sign the transaction documents and implement the necessary and agreed corporate changes.

During the investment

Implementation of the project and verification of achievement of the objectives – the partner and the fund will cooperate in the management of the project and the verification of achievement of the set objectives for the investment in line with the character of the investment and the agreement.

Preparation for the entry of a strategic investor or investment – after reaching the investment horizon or if the agreed objectives are satisfied, we will put your company in contact with a strategic investor and prepare it for their entry. A procedure may also be agreed in the transaction documentation for the withdrawal of the fund and retention of control and management by the original owner or a new owner.


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